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Early Childhood Studies Specialization

Flexible. Practical.  Engaging.

Welcome to Live Online Learning 2.0

What doors will open for you?

  • Aboriginal child-care programs
  • before and after-school programs
  • child-care centres
  • early-intervention programs
  • home child care
  • kindergarten and primary classroom assistant
  • nursery and preschool programs
  • Ontario Early Years Centres, Parenting and Family Literacy Centres, and other parenting programs
  • recreational programs

Features of the Early Childhood Studies (ECS) specialization

  • Enhanced qualifications for individuals applying to a post-secondary Early Childhood Education diploma or equivalent.
  • Independent curriculum and/or instructional design for physical-located and online environments.

Have a post-secondary diploma? Earn your degree in just two years!

The ECS specialization is designed for advanced entry by those with a post secondary diploma. It offers a balance between flexibility of scheduling and the power of personal contact, while remaining totally independent of geographical location.

No matter where you enter, you will have access to experts facilitating courses like:

  • Designing Inclusive Learning Environments
  • Developing Literacy
  • Developing Numeracy
  • Holistic Learning in Early Childhood

Real-world problem-finding and problem-solving skills prepare you for the digital economy.

The program recognizes the growing importance and the current trends in formal and informal lifelong learning as professional development needs expand across academic, corporate, non-profit and volunteer sectors.

The ECS specialization emphasizes real-world inquiry/problem-based learning to provide you with the best opportunities to develop job-ready skills in training and instruction using digital technology.

Web-based live tutorials build on expert-designed, mobile-ready content.

Courses are designed to allow access from a wide range of mobile devices, promoting an anyplace, anytime learning culture.

Mobile-enabled video conferencing tutorials provide a rich, collaborative learning environment.

Content experts and instructional designers work together to ensure multimedia documents reflect cutting-edge knowledge, practices and technical requirements.