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Vision and Framework


Our faculty strives to educate thoughtful, well-informed and socially responsible educational leaders, making optimal uses of new and emerging digital technologies for learning. 


Drawing from a research agenda focused on education and digital technology, the Faculty of Education provides a rich, engaging and well-grounded understanding of curricular and pedagogical design, STEAM education innovations and initiatives, critical 21st-century literacies, health and wellness, equity, diversity and inclusion, ethics and policy, educational research, learning assessment to the next generation of educational professionals.


  • To equip educators and researchers with the knowledge and experience, values and skills needed to become leaders not only in the Canadian Kindergarten to Grade12 system but as well in non-formal, community-based, professional and higher education;
  • To offer outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs in education and digital technology that contribute to the development of highly qualified personnel able to work across a range of educational fields, and to offer these programs in a manner that is accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world;
  • To conduct leading-edge research in education and digital technology that focuses on all aspects of how and why digital technologies are transforming learning; and
  • To seek out and participate in local, national and international research partnerships with those who share our desire to develop the individual and collective intelligence, ability and social consciousness of educators.