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Janette Hughes


Canada Research Chair (Tier 2), Technology & Pedagogy

Faculty of Education

Contact information

Education Building Downtown Oshawa
11 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON


Janette Hughes is Professor and Canada Research Chair, Technology and Pedagogy, in the Faculty of Education at Ontario Tech U. Dr. Hughes specializes in the transformation of literacy practices through making and new digital media. Her research and teaching interests include critical making, critical digital literacies, digital making, adolescent literacies and identity, writing and digital media, new literacies and conceptualizations of learning, and digital citizenship. She is particularly interested in how critical making and digital media enable users to teach, learn, connect, collaborate, communicate critique, create, and promote social change. She is the recipient of the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation’s Early Researcher Award and the Ontario Research Fund—Research Excellence Award.

For more information:

Courses taught

Bachelor of Arts (ESTD)

  • Information Literacy

Bachelor of Education

  • PJ Language Arts Methods
  • IS English Methods 

Master of Education

  • Critical Making 
  • Digital Literacy:  Theory, Practice and Research
  • Technology and the Curriculum

Research and expertise

  • Critical digital literacies
  • Language and literacy
  • Maker pedagogies
  • STEAM education
  • Secondary school English pedagogy
  • Women and non-dominant groups in STEM/STEAM education
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  • Hughes, J. & Morrison, L. (2018). The Use of E-Textiles in Ontario Education. Canadian Journal of Education, 41(1), 543-571.
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  • Hughes, J. (2017). Meaningful Making: Establishing a Makerspace in your school or classroom. What Works? Research into Practice. Literacy Numeracy Secretariat. Ontario Ministry of Education, Toronto: Queen’s Printer.
  • Hughes, J. (2017). Digital Making with “At-Risk” Youth. The International Journal of Information and Learning Technology, 34(2), 102-113. DOI 10.1108/IJILT-08-2016-0037 
  • Hughes, J. & Laffier, J. (2016).  Portrayals of the Bully, Bullied and Bystander in YA Fiction: Considerations for Schools. Canadian Journal of Education, 39(3), 1-24.
  • Hughes, J. & Morrison, L. (2014).  The Impact of Social Networking and a Multiliteracies Pedagogy on English Language Learners’ Writer Identities. In S. Taylor (Ed.) Writing & Pedagogy Special Issue: Children’s Writing: Perspectives on Teaching and Learning, 6(3), 607-631.  
  • Hughes, J. & Dymoke, S. (2011).  Wiki-Ed Poetry”: Transforming Preservice Teachers’ Preconceptions About Poetry and Poetry Teaching. Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy, 55(1), 45-56.
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