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The Faculty of Education offers two undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology and the Bachelor of Education.

Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies and Digital Technology (BA in ESDT), which is a totally online program with the ability to reach students anywhere in the world. The program addresses the expanding professional development needs of instructors at the opposite ends of the formal education system by offering two specializations, as well as a professionally oriented diploma program:

  • Adult Education and Digital Technology specialization: Focuses on the intersection of digital technology use for educational purposes in corporate, governmental, community-based and professional workplace environments.
  • Early Childhood Studies specialization: Recognizes that  there are many career opportunities for Early Childhood Education graduates who have a college diploma, related work experience, and a bachelor’s degree, particularly if these students understand how to design and assess learning at different points across the life span, and if they have digital technology skills. The ECS specialization will allow for the development of the knowledge, competencies and skills associated with the education of those working with early-years learners.
  • Designing Adult Education for the Digital Age diploma: A six-course professional diploma based on the current AEDT specialization course offerings within the BA in ESDT program. The diploma is directed at meeting the growing professional development needs in service, corporate, government, NGO and education sectors. The diploma fosters the development of educational leaders who possess a specialized knowledge and competency base in adult education, with a focus on digital technologies for learning.

Bachelor of Education

Our enhanced BEd program takes a fresh look at teacher education in the 21st century. The program is designed to help teacher candidates become familiar with basic skills of teaching, while at the same time encouraging them to focus on how students learn in a digital age and in the present Ontario context.

The emphasis on technology in learning and teaching is a defining element of our university's BEd program. Teacher candidates use technology in their own learning experiences to understand how to integrate technology into classroom practice. Courses use inquiry and problem-solving approaches, with a focus on the importance of subject matter as the catalyst for teacher-learner interaction, as well as individual learning and teaching in shaping learning conditions.

16-month Consecutive Bachelor of Education

In this program you will be immersed in a technology-enriched learning environment through a combination of in-class and experiential learning. The focus is on preparing you to meet the challenges of being an educator in the 21st century. Upon successful completion of this program you will be prepared to teach at either the Primary/Junior (P/J) level (Kindergarten to Grade 6) or at the Intermediate/Senior (I/S) level (grades 7 to 12).

Ontario Tech Connected Program

The Ontario Tech Connected Program allows you to apply for advanced acceptance into the Consecutive BEd program. Once you complete your first year of undergraduate studies at our university, you can apply for this program. Acceptance is dependent on GPA and subject specialization requirements.