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Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisors are here to support you as you navigate your academic journey. Through personalized advising, we will help you identify attainable goals with a focus on positive outcomes to achieve academic and personal success. In our inclusive environment, we work together as a team to provide ongoing communication and support to ensure you feel valued, respected, and heard.

Acting as your main point of contact within the Faculty of Education, your Academic Advisor is available to guide and assist you through every step of your journey. Please explore the sections below for information about our services. 

  • Address questions and concerns related to all aspects of student life.
  • Help you establish realistic educational goals and future planning.
  • Discuss program and course selections.
  • Assess and discuss your academic progress and standing.
  • Help you address academic difficulties.
  • Provide tips for academic success.
  • Interpret and explain academic policies and procedures.
  • Discuss issues affecting your academic performance.
  • Connect you with appropriate campus services.
  • Provide advice regarding withdrawals or adding/dropping courses.
  • Provide guidance for successful progression towards graduation.

TAKE 5 is an academic enrichment and student engagement incentive program offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH). It is designed to help first-year students develop habits and skills to ease the transition to university, and to connect with important Ontario Tech services, including Academic Advising and the Student Learning Centre. 

Students must complete five academic activities as outlined below (by the specified deadline) to earn a 5% bonus that can be applied to any one of the following courses: 

  • EDST 1000U - Foundations of Learning
  • EDST 1100U - Problem and Inquiry-Based Learning
  • EDST 1130U - Writing & Digital Literacy
  • EDST 1230U - Design Thinking & Visual Design for Educational Contexts
  • ... or an FSSH elective from the TAKE 5 list.

Required academic activities

# Resource Student Action Fall Deadline Winter Deadline
1. Academic Advising Complete the Academic Advising Questionnaire.
2. Uni Life Hacks Attend one Uni Life Hacks session.
3. Uni Life Hacks Attend one Uni Life Hacks session.
4. Student Learning Centre

Participate in one of the following academic supports: 

5. Student Learning Centre

Participate in one of the following academic supports: 

  • Note: No partial credit will be given. Students must complete all 5 activities to receive the bonus. The bonus can only be used to increase a passing grade. The TAKE 5 bonus cannot be used to change the grade of a course they have not earned credit for. 


Take part in diverse programming offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH) to help you get engaged, stay informed, learn how to navigate life in university, and more! This is a great opportunity to connect with friends, peers, faculty, and staff to learn, discuss, and share. 

Fall 2024 schedule

Coming soon! 

What is an Academic Calendar?

 An Academic Calendar is released for each academic year. You must follow the calendar that was released in your year of entry

How does the grading system work? 

We use a letter grading system (not numerical grades), which is new to many students. Each letter grade has grade points associated with it (see Registrar for the full table). You must receive a letter grade of D or higher to be granted a credit in a course. Keep in mind, however, that while a D grade is a pass, it still has a negative impact on your academic standing. 

What is Academic Standing? 

Your academic standing is based on your cumulative GPA (cGPA). A cGPA of 2.0 or above is considered to be Clear Standing. If your cGPA falls below a 2.0, academic probation or suspension may follow. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information. 

Please note that Bachelor of Education students are required to achieve a minimum 2.7 cGPA in order to graduate. 

How do I book an appointment with Academic Advising? 

You can access Matt and Susan's email addresses and booking calendars through the official Academic Advising page.

What email should I use to communicate with Academic Advising? 

Always email us from your account and include your name and student number for the fastest and most effective support. 

First-Year Advising

Matt Lucchese wearing a white buttoned shirt in front of a blurred background.Matt Lucchese

First-Year Academic Advisor
Faculty of Education & 
Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities


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Upper-Year Advising

Susan Snelling wearing a navy blue top against a blurred background.Susan Snelling

Upper-Year Academic Advisor
Faculty of Education


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