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Wendy Barber

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education

Contact information

Education Building - Room CHA 363
Downtown Oshawa
11 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON


Dr. Barber’s research interests include resilience and grit, teacher development, health and physical education and online learning communities. Creative passions include the role of mindfulness, flow, awareness and play in teaching and learning. She won the Ontario Tech University Teaching Award of Excellence in 2014.

For more information:

Courses taught

Bachelor of Arts (ESDT)

  • Psychological Foundations and Digital Technologies - AEDT1170U 

Bachelor of Education

  • The Arts - Dance Primary/Junior - EDUC 1315U
  • Teacher as Coach - EDUC 3207U
  • Intermediate-Senior - Health & Physical Education (Part 1) - EDUC 4503 
  • Intermediate-Senior - Health & Physical Education (Part 2) - EDUC 4504
  • Primary-Junior - Health and Physical Education -EDUC 1304
  • Child and Adolescent Development - EDUC 

Master of Education

  • Authentic Assessment - EDUC 5305G 
  • Critical and Reflective Practice - EDUC 5004G
  • Adult Education - EDUC 5001G

Research and expertise

  • Authentic assessment
  • Curriculum teaching and learning in HPE
  • Developing resilience and grit in teachers
  • Health and physical education
  • Online communities and transformative digital practice
  • Physical literacy
  • Resilience and grit
  • Role of HPE in developing resilience and grit for academic hardiness in students
  • Teacher development
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  • Barber, W.,Walters, W., Chartier, P. & Temertzoglou, C. (2020) Examining Self-Confidence and Self-Perceived Competence in Canadian Pre-Service Teachers (PSTs): The Role of Biographies in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) Sport Education and Society.
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