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William Hunter


Founding Dean

Faculty of Education

Contact information

Charles Hall Downtown Oshawa
61 Charles Street
Oshawa, ON L1H 4X8


Dr. Hunter is an educational psychologist who studies human learning and development, educational measurement and research methodology/statistics. In the early 1980s, his interests were in educational technology with early foci on coding (LOGO) and the impact of technology on writing, for which he coined the term "technography."  More recently, he has focused on innovative uses of technology in postsecondary settings and on the ways that K-12 schools internationally have used online learning to promote intercultural learning.

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Courses Taught

Bachelor of Education

  • Educational. Research, Theory, and Practice
  • Classroom Communications
  • Assessment and Evaluation


  • Principles of Learning
  • Advanced Research Methods

Research and Expertise

  • Leadership and change in higher education
  • Online learning and social cohesion
  • Teacher education
  • Technology and learning

Recent books and book contributions

  • Kay, R. H. & Hunter, W. J. (2022). Thriving online: A guide for busy educators. Pressbooks.
  • Hunter, W. J. & Austin, R. (2021). Blended and online Learning for global citizenship: New technologies and opportunities for intercultural education. Routledge
  • van Oostveen, R., Hunter, W., Barber, W., Gerbrandt, J. & Childs, E. (2021). Collaborative learning in co-created digital space: The Fully Online Learning Community model. In H.K. Dhir (Ed.) Handbook of research on barriers for teaching 21st-century competencies and the impact of digitalization. IGI Global.
  • Hunter, B. (2019). Introduction. In S. Ferris, (Ed.) Active learning strategies for higher education: The practical handbook (pp. 17-19). The Centre for Higher Education Research, Policy, and Practice: Technical University of Dublin.

Recent refereed journal articles

  • Rotondi, N., Rudoler, D., Hunter, W. J., Sanusi, O., Collier, C., & Rotondi. M. (accepted). Using a “midterm warning system” to improve student performance and engagement in an introductory statistics course: A randomized controlled trial. Statistics Education Research Journal.
  • Li, J., Mak, L., Hunter, B., & Cunningham, T. (2022). Structured instructional design for integrated language skill development: College students’ perspectives on collaborative reading-to-write activities using a cloud-based tool. Language Teaching Research 
  • Ramsden, L., & Hunter, B. (2022). A case for feedback literacy: Commentary on student perceptions of an online ungraded course. Journal of Educational Informatics, 3(1), 32-36. 
  • McGregor, A. & Hunter, W. (2021). Internationalization in Ontario colleges. Journal of Educational Informatics, 2(1). 
  • Hunter, W. (2018). Reflections on the co-creation of a course wiki: An editorial. The Canadian Journal of Action Research, 18(3), 2-11.
  • DiPasquale, J., & Hunter, W. J. (2018). Critical thinking in asynchronous online discussions: A systematic review. Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, 44(2), n2.
  • Hunter, W. (2017). Evidence-based teaching in the 21st century: The missing link. Canadian Journal of Education. 40(2).

 Other recent professional publications