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Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology

The Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and Digital Technology (ESDT) degree recognizes the growing importance of lifelong learning and post-diploma programs. There are many career opportunities for graduates who have a college diploma, related work experience and a bachelor's degree, particularly if these students understand how to design and assess learning at different points across the life span, and if they have developed advanced digital technology skills and knowledge.

Inquiry Learning/Problem-Based Learning (lL/PBL) is central to the design of the BA in ESDT program. IL/PBL is an approach to learning in which "students, working in small teams, examine a problem situation and, through this exploration, are expected to locate the gaps in their own knowledge and skills in order to decide what information they need to acquire in order to resolve or manage the situation" (Savin-Baden, 2007, page 3).

Integral to ESDT courses will be the application of foundational educational principles to workplace/community-specific contexts and problems to ensure depth and breadth of understanding. Understanding is further enhanced through exposure to contexts beyond students' own intended work/life environments.

Graduates of the BA in ESDT program will develop competencies such as:

  • Applying theoretical and practical knowledge of educational planning, delivery and assessment across the life span.
  • Designing learning strategies that focus on authentic, meaningful and workplace-applicable activities.
  • Analyzing the social and psychological issues that shape learning in a digital era.
  • Critically evaluating how technology fits with modes of learning.

ESDT is a Pathways program: on completion of your Ontario college diploma or equivalent (requires an overall B average or better), you may be granted 60 credits towards the completion of a 120-credit degree. The program may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. To determine tuition costs, please consult the tuition and fees page.

Note: This program does not qualify a graduate for membership in the Ontario College of Teachers or to teach in Ontario’s elementary and secondary school systems. Neither does it provide certification for any early childhood education programs. This program is designed to lead solely to a BA in ESDT degree.