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A group of students working at a table outside a campus building.The Education Building is located in vibrant downtown Oshawa, amid many unique shopping and dining options.

Classes are held at 11 Simcoe Street North. This is where you will also find the offices of instructors, advisors and administrative staff.

Health and Physical Education courses occur at the north Oshawa campus location, located at 2000 Simcoe Street North.


The Faculty of Education library has merged with the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities library. It is located at 61 Charles Street, just a few blocks away from our building.


There is no designated university parking at the downtown campus location. Students may purchase a parking pass at the nearby parking garage on Mary Street through Campus Services, which will also allow the pass holder to park at the north Oshawa campus location.

Teacher candidates with a Health and Physical Education teachable subject area will be required to pay for parking at the north Oshawa campus location. Daily paid parking is available, or a parking pass can be purchased through Campus Services, as mentioned above.

For more information, please see the campus services website.


The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) provides you with unlimited access to Durham Region Transit during the academic year. This pass is given to all full-time Ontario Tech students. The cost for the pass is included in your full-time student fees. The Education Building is conveniently accessible via several transit routes.

Residence and Housing

Residence is located at the north Oshawa campus location. This is a short bus ride from the Education Building (free with your U-Pass). Additional information about residence and housing options may be found on the campus services website.