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Lorayne Robertson

Associate Professor

Faculty of Education

Contact information

Education Building Downtown Oshawa
11 Simcoe Street North
Oshawa, ON


Dr. Lorayne Robertson is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at OnTechU who specializes in critical policy analysis of education and technology-related policies; educational leadership, and equity, inclusion and “othering” in education.  Other research interests include investigations of the student experience and instructor role in poly-synchronous online environments with a particular focus on digital technologies and assistive technologies at the point of instruction in applied settings such as schools, colleges, and higher education. Dr. Robertson is a former Principal, Curriculum Supervisor and District Superintendent for the Thames Valley District School Board, and has been an Education Officer for the Ministry of Education, Ontario.  Dr. Robertson has also researched and supported education, technology, assessment and assistive technologies in multiple countries such as Jordan, Malaysia and India.

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Courses Taught

Bachelor of Arts (ESDT)

  • AEDT 2170U  Designing Inclusive Classroom
  • AEDT 3160U – Developing Literacy in the Early Years

Bachelor of Education

  • EDUC 2400U  Equity and Diversity in Education

Master of Education

  • Advanced Research Methods - EDUC 5003G
  • Digital Literacy - EDUC 5303G
  • Principles of Learning - EDUC 5001G
  • Foundations of Leadership - EDUC 5201G
  • Leadership and Technology - EDUC 5205G  
  • Critical and Reflective Practice in Education - EDUC 5004G 

Research and Expertise

  • equity, inclusion and “othering” in education and society
  • digital privacy
  • assistive technology and enablement
  • technology-related policies in education
  • critical policy analysis
  • technology leadership in schools