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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students do you accept each year?

    The number of students we accept varies, however, our target ranges from 15-20 students.

  • Is your program completely online? Will I need to come to campus for anything?

    Our program is 100 percent online. You do not need to come to campus for any reason but you can arrange to meet with faculty and staff in person.

  • Can I take this program while working full-time?

    Yes! Many of our students work full-time. Our classes are held during the evening, Monday to Thursday (typically from 6 pm to 9 pm EST) which allows you to continue to work full-time while pursuing your graduate education. Team work outside of class hours is scheduled at the discretion of the participating students.

  • What are your current tuition fees?

    Please see the university's tuition and fees page for current rates.  Doctorate programs at Ontario Tech are flat-free programs where students pay a set amount for the year.  For 2022-23, the anticipated fee is $10,500 per year.

  • Is financial aid available?

    For more information, visit the government aid page on the university's Student Awards and Financial Aid website.

  • Do I have to be available at specific times for my classes?

    Our online classes are synchronous in format, meaning that students and professors log in to virtual classrooms at the same time each week (typically 6 pm to 9 pm EST), the same way they would attend class in a physical location. Therefore, students need to be available during class time. Our virtual classrooms are dynamic environments with collaborative breakout rooms and lively discussions, so there is no recording of the class that can be watched later.

  • How are you different from other EdD programs?

    Our program

    • integrates learning, equity, and leadership within the context of the digital era
    • is offered in synchronous, interactive classrooms by forward-thinking educators, each with over a decade of experience in online teaching and learning
    • features a multi-disciplinary approach with faculty members from across the university, offering a diversity of perspectives and expertise
    • offers a supportive framework from courses through to thesis completion, ensuring our students’ success
  • What career options are available to graduates of your program?

    Our program can lead to careers as university or college professors, leaders in education, health care. and social services, and directors in online, e-learning or distance learning.

    Please watch this video for career options.

  • What are the start dates for your program?

    Our EdD program offers one intake per year: September.  See the applications page.

  • What are the dates for your terms?

    We have three 12 week terms:

    • Fall (Sept to Dec)
    • Winter (Jan to April)
    • Spring/Summer (May to August)