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Program structure

A group of students work together at a table.The Bachelor of Education (BEd) program is a 16-month, full-time program. Although schedules may vary, you should expect to be on campus every day from Monday to Friday during the fall and winter terms, except during field placements. Courses start as early as 8:10 a.m. and finish by 5 p.m. Elective courses run after 5 p.m. during the week.

Foundation Fridays are mandatory days dedicated to field experience or other professional development opportunities. We run many special events throughout the year on Fridays, including conferences on topics such as Environmental Education, Social Justice and Indigenous Education; Makerspace days; and career expos. The hours for Fridays vary but typically constitute a full day.

A minimum of 80 days will be spent in field placement. Practicum placements occur during the first, second and fourth semesters.

Your third semester (May/June) is fully online in our virtual classrooms, using a blend of live online courses (via webcams and microphones) and self-directed learning.

Program Maps

To see the courses, program details and degree requirements, please refer to the university's current Undergraduate Academic Calendar.

The Faculty of Education offers the following divisions in the BEd program:

  • Primary/Junior: Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Intermediate/Senior: Grades 7 to 12


The Primary/Junior program is designed to prepare you to be an elementary school teacher with strengths in a number of subject areas, including digital literacies, mathematics, science and technology. Our program offers the knowledge and skills required to effectively teach in a wide variety of subject areas, while focusing on using technology in the classroom to make the teaching and learning experience dynamic and successful.

Students come into this program from a variety of undergraduate degree backgrounds. Ideal candidates have taken a diverse selection of courses during their undergraduate studies, and are open to new learning experiences in all subject areas.


Intermediate/Senior teachers are required to have two teachable subjects. The knowledge of these subjects is acquired through your undergraduate studies, with the completion of a minimum of 10 courses in your first teachable subject area, and a minimum of six courses in your second teachable subject area.

The Faculty of Education currently offers the following teachable subject areas:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • General Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

You will find the workload of this professional program to be more intensive than an undergraduate program. Evaluation is based on assignments as well as full engagement and participation in classes, rather than on tests and exams.

Most teacher candidates find it difficult to work part-time while in this program, and it is strongly recommended that you not work during field placements.

You must maintain a required academic standing and must continually demonstrate a high degree of professionalism as outlined in the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession. These documents can be found on the Ontario College of Teachers website.

You will complete various group and/or individual assignments throughout the course of the program, such as:

  • Actively engaging in online learning communities.
  • Analyzing teaching and learning.
  • Building assessment tasks and tools.
  • Creating digital learning portfolios.
  • Creating digital stories.
  • Designing resources.
  • Developing engaging lessons, units and long-range plans.
  • Participating in personal inquiry and action research.
  • Teaching mini-lessons.

We offer a variety of elective courses, listed below. Full course descriptions can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Available electives include:

  • Environmental Education
  • Outdoor Education Leadership
  • Teacher as Coach
  • Teaching French in Schools
  • Teaching Kindergarten
  • Teaching the Catholic Religion in Schools*
  • Visual Arts: An Introduction to Indigenous Art

*Required for students placed in a Catholic school board for practicum.

Note: Elective options are subject to change prior to each academic year.

Tribes Training is an optional—but highly recommended—three-day workshop held at the start of the academic year for new teacher candidates. In this training, you will actively experience a wide range of learning strategies to further support your teaching during field placements and beyond. Registration information for Tribes is sent to incoming teacher candidates in June.

For more information on Tribes and its benefits, watch the below video from one of our recent grads.