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College-to-university transfer program

A student wearing headphones sits in front of a laptop.If you are soon to receive or have already received a college diploma, you may apply to the Concurrent Primary/Junior Education program via our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Educational Studies and Digital Technologies (ESDT) program. This online college-to-university transfer program provides you with two years' credit towards our four-year BA degree.

If you are accepted into the program, a spot will be reserved for you in our Bachelor of Education (BEd) Primary/Junior program, which you will begin following the completion of your BA degree (provided you maintain requisite grades). This program will allow you to earn the credentials you will need in order to teach at the elementary level in Ontario.

Note: The BA in ESDT program does not provide the necessary foundation for the BEd Intermediate/Senior program.

For more information about this college-to-university transfer program, see our BA in ESDT page.

Your college diploma has provided you with a solid foundation of practical learning. You may build upon this as you further your education. In our college-to-university transfer program, you can turn your diploma into a university degree in just two years (based on full-time study).

Our BA program is flexible, allowing you to schedule your courses around your other activities. Our online courses are offered during the standard lunch hour and in the evenings, allowing you the option to continue working full-time while you complete your degree.

If you are accepted into this Concurrent program then, following your successful completion of the BA in ESDT program, you will transition into our full-time, on-site Bachelor of Education (BEd) program.