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Bachelor of Education

A teacher candidate performs a bubble-making experiment with a student.Our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become an effective 21st-century educator. This 16-month program enables you to graduate and enter the workforce a full term sooner than most other BEd programs. Upon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible to apply for certification with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to teach at the elementary or secondary level in Ontario. For more information, please see the OCT Certification Process.

The emphasis on technology in learning and teaching is a defining element of our BEd program. As a teacher candidate, you will become familiar with the basic skills of teaching, while at the same time focusing on how students learn in a digital age and in the present Ontario context. You will use technology in your own learning experiences to understand how to effectively integrate technology into classroom practice.

Our courses use inquiry and problem-solving approaches to help you develop the skills essential for success. Using a blend of face-to-face and online curriculum offerings, this program encompasses multiple forms of literacy so teacher candidates can be leaders of technology in their schools, school boards and other workplace environments.

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