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Consecutive Education

A teacher candidate works with a small robot.If you have already begun or completed your university degree, you may apply to the Consecutive Education program.

If you are accepted, you will enter directly into the 16-month Bachelor of Education (BEd) program.

If you are a current student at our university in your second or third year of undergraduate studies, you may be eligible to apply to our Connected Program. For more information, please see the Connected Program page.

If you are beyond your third year of undergraduate studies at our university, you may apply directly into our Consecutive BEd program.

If you are currently completing your undergraduate degree at an institution other than Ontario Tech or have already completed your degree, you may apply directly into our Consecutive BEd program.

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 in their top 20 undergraduate courses (including both teachable subject areas for Intermediate/Senior applicants). For the Primary/Junior program, preference is given to applicants who have taken undergraduate courses in a wide range of subject areas.

For more information on admission criteria and the application process, visit the Faculty of Education programs list and select the appropriate program (Consecutive, Primary/Junior or Consecutive, Intermediate/Senior).