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Connected program

A group of students laughing in the student lounge.If you are currently completing your undergraduate degree at Ontario Tech University and are in your second or third year of study, you can apply to our Connected program.

The Connected program allows you direct entry into our Consecutive Bachelor of Education (BEd) program upon successful completion of your undergraduate degree (with requisite grades). If you are a second- or third-year undergraduate student, you can may apply and, upon acceptance, have a spot reserved for you in the BEd program. You will enter the 16-month program once you complete your undergraduate degree.

Being accepted into the Connected program means you are guaranteed entry into the BEd program upon successful completion of your undergraduate degree, provided you maintain your GPA.

If you are accepted into the Connected program, you will receive exclusive invitations to the Faculty of Education events, such as workshops and lectures, that will introduce you and keep you connected to the faculty.

Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 in their top 20 undergraduate courses (including both teachable subject areas for Intermediate/Senior applicants) at the time of application, and maintain this GPA throughout the completion of their undergraduate degree.

If you are a second- or third-year undergraduate student at our university and are interested in applying to the Connected program, please contact our academic advisor at

If you are a current undergraduate student at an institution other than the Ontario Tech University or are beyond your third year of undergraduate studies at our university, please see our Consecutive Education page.