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Concurrent Education

A teacher candidate stands with two students in front of lockers.If you are soon to receive or have already received your secondary school diploma and you would like to be a teacher, you can apply to our Concurrent Education program.

If you are accepted into this program, you will first earn your undergraduate degree in the program of your choice. For information on available programs, see the university's undergraduate programs list.

With your acceptance into this program, a spot will be reserved for you in our Bachelor of Education (BEd) program, which you will begin following the completion of your undergraduate degree. This means that, provided you maintain requisite grades in your undergraduate studies, you will be granted direct entry into our 16-month BEd program, where you will complete the studies required to teach at the elementary and/or secondary school levels in Ontario.

Two students sitting next to each other, laughing.Once you are accepted into the Concurrent program, you will focus on your undergraduate studies before moving into the BEd program. By maintaining the requisite grade point average (GPA) in your top 20 undergraduate courses (including both teachable subject areas for Intermediate/Senior applicants), you have a guaranteed admission into the BEd program—there is no need to reapply.

This program allows you to focus first on your undergraduate area of study, before embarking on the journey of becoming a teacher. There are no teaching courses during your undergraduate studies so that you can direct all of your attention and effort into the studies of your choice. Plus, if your career goals change and you decide not to enter the BEd program, you'll still have an undergraduate degree completed in no additional time.

As a Concurrent Education student, you will stay connected to the Faculty of Education throughout your undergraduate studies. You will receive invitations to BEd events, lectures and workshops—enabling you to stay engaged with the Faculty of Education and the world of teaching.

For information on admissions, please see the Concurrent Education admission requirements.