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Online course structure

Online course structure photo

The Designing Adult Learning for the Digital Age diploma will be offered fully online using the same delivery model and design philosophy that informs the Educational Studies and Digital Technology (ESDT) program. The students will not be in their own cohort. Students in the diploma program will be grouped in with current Adult Education and Digital Technologies (AEDT) program students and those taking electives in the AEDT specialization. In every semester, one of the required courses will be offered. A typical 36-hour (three-credit) course in the AEDT program is articulated in 12 mandatory weekly modules, which include:

  • Two to three video clips per week, each of them six to eight minutes long, and associated readings available online, which outline the contexts and/or situations within which the problems can be identified.
  • Online synchronous tutorials in Adobe Connect (60 minutes) moderated by a teaching assistant or Instructor and drawing on the analysis and synthesis questions posed in the video clip as the starting point for discussion.
  • Online discussions in a learning management system such as Blackboard or other asynchronous tools.
  • Work on problem-based learning (PBL) with a collaborative team.

Each course in the ESDT program has used at least one aspect of the five models of PBL outlined by Savin-Baden, (2000) as part of its design philosophy. In addition, the following PBL design principles (outlined by Engel, 1991) inform every course in the program:

  • active learning
  • consistency in learning
  • cumulative learning
  • integrated learning
  • learning for understanding