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Why us?

  • We’re the only Durham Region-based TESL Ontario accredited program.
  • When you successfully complete your studies with us, you will have earned multiple credentials:
    • From Ontario Tech University:
      • a diploma in TESOL
    • From TESL Ontario:
      • an OCELT certificate (Ontario certificate in English Language Teaching)
      • an ICTEAL (International Certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language)
  • If you’ve completed a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education or Master of Education program at Ontario Tech University’s Faculty of Education, you may be eligible for transfer credits.
  • We include a significant focus on online language teaching to prepare you for the growing demand for English instruction via videoconferencing platforms.
  • Our courses are infused with technology and prepare you to make informed decisions about how software applications can support your language teaching.
  • Some of our courses are offered entirely online in a virtual classroom through Adobe Connect, while others are offered on-site at the Faculty of Education, giving you the best of both experiences.