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  • What does the TESL accreditation allow me to do?
    Your Ontario Tech University diploma in TESOL demonstrates to employers that you’ve undertaken rigorous post-baccalaureate studies in English language teaching (far exceeding the quality of privately offered certificate programs that are run over a few weekends). This will heighten your marketability in the global English Language Teaching (ELT) industry which continues to expand as the world becomes increasingly connected.  Your TESL Ontario certificate in OCELT qualifies you to teach in publicly-funded adult language classes in Ontario (in fact no other certification is acceptable for teaching in government-sponsored language programs in Ontario). Your TESL Ontario certificate in ICTEAL qualifies you to teach English internationally.
  • How do I apply to the TESOL diploma program?
    Students who wish to be considered for admission to the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) post-baccalaureate undergraduate diploma program at Ontario Tech University may apply through the TESOL Diploma Application Form.
  • What job opportunities will be available to me after completing this program?

    Graduates from this program will be qualified to teach in any publicly-funded (government-sponsored) language class, such as Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) or job-specific language-training programs. You will also be qualified to teach in many private language schools or tutoring programs. Additionally, graduates will be qualified to teach English in a wide variety of international contexts (private or public language schools, post-secondary institutions, corporate programs), as well in online language schools that link qualified teachers with students in other countries through video-conferencing. Additionally, the regard for the rigour associated with an Ontario Tech University diploma in TESOL will undoubtedly accelerate your opportunities to move into administrative and/or teacher mentor roles.

  • Can I teach ESL in an Ontario elementary or secondary school?

    Neither the TESOL diploma (from Ontario Tech University) nor the OCELT (from TESL Ontario) qualifies you to teach Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in a publicly funded Ontario school. A Bachelor of Education along with additional course work specializing in ESL teaching is required to teach in that context.

    However, the TESOL diploma and OCELT would be recognized by private Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools (where teachers are not required to hold a Bachelor of Education) as suitable credentials for teaching in their ESL programs.

  • English is not my mother tongue; can I still teach ESL?
    Yes! In fact sometimes the best English teachers are former English learners. You know the challenges firsthand and can bring your own experiences to your lesson planning. You will be required to demonstrate compliance with Ontario Tech University’s English proficiency requirements, as well as those of TESL Ontario.
  • Do I need to speak a second language to take this program?
    No. While familiarity with multiple languages can certainly inform your English teaching, your passion for language education and the credentials you earn in this program will enable you to reach all your students regardless of their linguistic background.
  • Can I get OSAP for this program?
    We are currently seeking Ministry approvals for OSAP funding and will update you as soon as that process is complete.
  • Can I complete this program part time?
    At this time, we are only offering the TESOL program full-time over two terms. Looking ahead, if demand warrants, we will consider offering the program on a part-time basis. If your concern is with regard to holding down part-time employment while studying, it might be helpful to know that the TESOL program consists of approximately 20 hours per week of class time – which may provide some flexibility for other commitments.
  • Do I have to find my own practicum placement?
    No, we will make those arrangements on your behalf. Your practicum will consist of a few hours per week over the 12-week term (rather than one large block over multiple days/weeks) and will take place in an approved adult English-language classroom.
  • Will I receive a placement close to where I live?
    We cannot guarantee your placement will be nearby your home. We partner with a number of publicly funded programs in the Durham Region, including the university’s own English Language Centre at the north Oshawa campus location. We will certainly do our best to place you in a location that is convenient for you, but please be prepared to have to travel to a site beyond your own local community.